LINLEY At Masterpiece London 2019

At Masterpiece 2019, we introduce several pieces of unique furniture which showcase our exceptional marquetry and pedigree in Interior Design. The Masterpiece 2019 Alba collection explores a modern interpretation of Luxury Deco.

We have created a salon setting combining Art Deco style with lavish detailing and exquisite finishes. Our design team have fused functionality and practicality, with emphasis placed on enduring aesthetic appeal. Patterned veneers adorn the pieces, influenced by Mondrian, Miró and Kandinsky, set within an environment that reflects the geometric influences in their art.

LINLEY introduce a softer aesthetic to this year’s collection, incorporating comfortable upholstery and delicate silhouettes. A spectacular drinks cabinet, coffee table and seating lie within a sophisticated suite. The furniture, glazed in warm honey tones and featuring luxurious materials, can sit in different interiors while providing a sense of relaxed elegance.

The drinks cabinet, coffee table, sofa and chair backs have been crafted with mango veneers, a natural toned fruit wood. The veneers are embellished with geometric patterns morphing into straight grain, featuring ornate jasmine flowers crafted from mother of pearl. The jasmine flowers, which symbolise love, purity and good luck, seemingly grow and wind across the panels, juxtaposing with the sharper geometrics, relaxing the angular pieces and creating a fluid environment.


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