A journey of craft and excellence

Founded by David Linley in 1985, LINLEY has a world-renowned reputation for fusing striking design with exemplary craftsmanship. Though it began modestly, it created an immediate stir, not least because David was the son of Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth II) and celebrated photographer, Lord Snowdon. The British public had never seen a member of the royal family in a vocation - making with their own hands and serving customers. In the 1980s that was revolutionary - we’ve been pushing boundaries ever since.

David journeyed into the art of craftsmanship and hidden mechanisms began in childhood. His grandmother's challenge to find a secret drawer in a Roentgen desk at Windsor Castle sparked a fascination that would define his path. Encouraged by his parents, David's creative passion flourished, leading him to Bedales School at 13, where his interest in woodworking ignited.

Under the guidance of a form tutor and skilled furniture designer, David delved into intricate joinery techniques, mastering challenges like secret mitred dovetails. His craftsmanship found expression in his inaugural humidor, a gift to his grandmother, the late Queen Mother. Beyond its functional purpose, the humidor became a testament to artistry, where cigars were offered not just for smoking but as an admiration of the masterful technique he had honed over the years. This early journey laid the foundation for the eponymous brand, where a childhood fascination evolved into a lifelong dedication to the art of crafting extraordinary pieces.

David went on to hone his early skills at Parnham House School for Craftsmen in Wood in Dorset under the tutelage of the great John Makepeace. Simultaneously, his heritage provided an extraordinary informal education — an immersive exploration of architectural marvels. Accompanied by his father, they traversed a diverse array of homes, from historic estates to modernist apartments and rustic cabins, knocking on doors and being welcomed everywhere.

Reflecting on these experiences, David shares a vivid childhood memory: "My sister and I were taken by our father round the houses, quite literally. We visited anything that was architecturally interesting... We were encouraged to drink in the different styles and tune into the finer details." This exposure cultivated a broad appreciation, allowing him to find beauty in the exquisite craftsmanship of an Art Deco desk as much as in the bold mechanics of a contemporary hi-tech sliding door.

Brand Collaborations and Commissions

LINLEY has forged a legacy of prestigious brand partnerships and commissions, collaborating with industry titans such as Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren, Universal, Winsor & Newton, and the James Bond franchise. Our expertise extends to the luxury marine world with partnerships with Sunseeker, Princess, Heesen, Ferretti Group and Ocean Residences. Renowned establishments like The Berkeley and Claridge's have entrusted us to infuse their spaces with our unique blend of craftsmanship and design.

These collaborations reflect LINLEY's commitment to elevating the standards of luxury and innovation, creating bespoke pieces that harmonize seamlessly with the ethos of each distinguished partner. Our diverse portfolio stands as a testament to our ability to transcend industries and deliver unparalleled excellence in bespoke creations.

Since LINLEY's inception in 1985, the enduring philosophy has been superlative craftsmanship, distinctive design, and exemplary service. Responding to escalating demand, the company has grown to encompass four distinct divisions:




Explore LINLEY's values in our furniture and home accessories, available at our Belgravia flagship store and online. Experience innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, creativity, elegance, wit, and charm in every piece.




From furniture to the ultimate home accessory, we are inspired by transforming an ethereal idea into a reality.



Our highly skilled team of interior architects, designers, consultants, production managers, fitters and craftsmen works closely with private and commercial clients on all projects to develop, create and fine tune ideas – be it a contemporary apartment or office, a traditional city hotel or Alpine chalet.




Time-honoured cabinet making techniques have been a LINLEY trademark since the beginning and today we offer a stunning array of bespoke kitchens.

We have always championed British craftsmanship and encourage others to do the same in order to keep these important skills alive for future generations to learn and benefit from. We are very proud of our artistry, both in terms of concept and implementation and it is our hope that the passion that drives the creative process is evident in everything we do.

From hand-blown glassware to our luxurious games, every LINLEY piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and the highest standards in mind.







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