The Quantum Screen

Creating something completely unique and unusual, using the most complex and cutting edge techniques invented specifically for LINLEY by the finest craftsmen, LINLEY launch the Quantum Screen. An exploration of light, texture and tapestry has driven the design of the screen with the aim of enhancing the beauty of natural veneer through shape and movement. The result is a five panel screen whose surface is an innovative 3D weave of fine materials created in marquetry; challenging the idea that marquetry is normally a 2D process.

The free standing screen is designed as a room divider which provides different yet equal interest and intrigue from each side. Both sides were designed using the projection of light onto form as inspiration. The resulting texture and visual illusion encourages the viewer to interact with the screen, not only as a functional piece of furniture but as an objet d’art.

From one side, the predominantly grey ripple sycamore veneer is brought to life by birdseye maple and ripple sycamore veneers in dusty orange tones. From the other side, the initial appearance is that of quilted fabric that fades in and out with a sense of movement. However the material is in fact black stained oak and the appearance is created by engineered 3D marquetry processes developed by LINLEY craftsmen


Whether you are commissioning a piece of furniture for a house or yacht, an architectural desk or box, or a bespoke accessory, we aim to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish.

At our flagship store LINLEY Belgravia, we will be delighted to show you examples of our work, introduce you to your design team and discuss your requirements in detail. Examples of previously commissioned pieces and samples such as woods, fabrics and leather are used to help visualise the initial concept.

Thank you!

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