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Vortex Cabinet

Vortex Cabinet

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The Vortex Cabinet is as much a work of art and a puzzle as it is an item of furniture. Covered in a veneer of Sycamore and Santos rosewood, the marquetry design challenges the perceptions of a usual cabinet. An optical illusion with seemingly no discernible doors or drawers, beautiful in its own right but deceiving in its initial impression of functionality.

With buttons hidden within the marquetry, the secret doors can be opened revealing a bird’s eye maple interior dyed in a statement red. The deception of the piece continues with hidden drawers and compartments which maximise the internal space ingeniously and playfully adding personality.

It does not open in a conventional manner – instead hidden drawers reveal further secret drawers which open in ingenious ways, thus combining challenging and intricate cabinet making with the intellectual impulse of op art ie that of subverting reality. The edges of drawers and doors are hardly apparent because of the mitre finishes and the fact that their contours mirror those of the marquetry pattern.

Indeed once you discover the way in which the piece opens (which is not obvious), there is further disorientation within as the drawers are lined in surprising textures with use of vibrant colours and materials such as gold leaf and padded velvet, thus adding to the overall sensual experience.

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W2500 D500 H675mm