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Valet Stand - Sycamore

Valet Stand - Sycamore

The LINLEY Valet Stand is a wonderfully practical piece of furniture that is used for hanging a suit and hat and holding small accessories. Handcrafted in sycamore and quilted maple with grey ripple sycamore stringing, and stainless steel detailing, the valet stand is an occasional piece of furniture that very quickly becomes essential to everyday life. The valet stand includes a hat hook, trouser rail, shoe rack, coat hanger and cufflink tray, which is artfully concealed in the top compartment of the stand. It features a distinctive central wooden panel which is decorated with quilted maple veneer in a smart pattern and bordered by grey ripple sycamore stringing, mirroring the rest of the design.

In most cases, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for UK delivery. Upon order a LINLEY representative will be in touch to help meet your delivery requirements.
H1075 W400 D275mm