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London Skyline Screen

London Skyline Screen
The London Skyline Screen is an exquisite portrayal of LINLEY's appreciation for fine British craftsmanship.

LINLEY is drawing on its London roots to create a showpiece of exquisite marquetry. The London Skyline Screen depicts a carefully composited view of the impressive British capital skyline, as if seen from the top of the Tate Modern, amongst the rooftops of the world famous city.

In an almost photo-realistic portrayal of London, the detail of the screen is awe-inspiring. Every single detail was drawn with great accuracy, the design itself took over 750 hours and two craftsmen spent a further 1200 hours putting the 30,000 individual pieces together to create a vision of London at dusk; atmospheric and enthralling.

Inspired by large scale contemporary installations and video projections, the screen captures the vibrancy, dynamism and excitement of London today.

Depicting a real view into London, overlooking the city of London, the Thames, Tower Bridge and the creative East end, the screen was constructed using numerous photographs, sketches and 3D models using the ingenious technology of Google Earth. The viewer will be drawn to the panel by its sheer scale and magnificent presence, whilst the photographic feel using a monochrome palette, encourages one to look closer to inspect the level of detail created by the natural warmth and unique character of the wood grain patterns.

Landmarks of London depicted include the Shard, the Swiss Re Building (known as ‘The Gherkin’), St Pauls’ Cathedral, Tower Bridge 20 Fenchurch St (known as the Walkie Talkie), and the Leadenhall Building (known as the cheesegrater). By choosing a mixture of traditional and contemporary architecture, differentiated by diverse styles of drawing, the panel tells a story of the history of London over many years, demonstrating how old and new sit together in perfect harmony within the same vista. The skill not only lies in the drawing and cutting of the veneers but also in the selecting, it requires an artist’s eye in order to choose and shade the veneers to achieve the required effect. Six de-saturated sustainable British and European veneers have been used including white sycamore, figured sycamore, walnut, Birds Eye maple, European eucalyptus, burr ash are used to recreate the city skyline to dramatic effect whilst grey rippled sycamore is used to represent the soft flow of the world famous Thames River.

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W3500 H1900mm