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Winsor & Newton Art Compendium

Winsor & Newton Art Compendium

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The ultimate watercolourist’s companion, the Art Compendium is inspired by art boxes in the Winsor & Newton archives. Over its 184-year history, Winsor & Newton have supplied famous artists such as JMW Turner and countless members of the British royal family, earning Winsor & Newton Royal Warrants since 1841. Their watercolours use only the purest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour.

Created in a ripple sycamore veneer which is bleached to mimic the colour of a primed canvas, the compendium has a marquetry colour wheel using 12 different hand-dyed birch, tay and bolivar veneers inlaid onto the lid and finished with an engravable sterling silver plaque. Inspired by the wing of the iconic Winsor & Newton griffin, the compendium has a curved radius edge and a gently sloping angle. Inside, the smart walnut interior has been meticulously designed with drawers and compartments to contain all the materials needed to create a watercolour study. From the underside of the lid an easel extends out, standing on the box and providing a space to work at in the studio as well as proudly display finished work.

The set includes: Thirteen paintbrushes, a full range of 96 watercolours, ceramic palette, separate removable watercolour set, brush rests, sketching pencils and putty rubber.
W470mm x L461mm x H281mm