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Henley Watch Winder - Dark Grey Eucalyptus

Henley Watch Winder - Dark Grey Eucalyptus

The Henley Watch Winder will house and rotate your timepiece, ensuring you'll always be on time!

• Rotations: The watch undergoes 95 cycles of 20 rotations each (10 clockwise and 10 anticlockwise), a total of 1900 rotations every 24 hours. Between each rotation cycle, the watch holder stops automatically in its initial vertical position.
• Power Up: Switch to the right to power ON (Device switch at the base of unit). When set to the ON position, an LED flashes red and green alternately for a few seconds to indicate the start-up phase.
• Battery Option: Possible to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or two ‘C-Type’ alkaline batteries (life span of 3 years).Batteries included.
• Software: You can use a dedicated program with a connection interface module to program your watch winder according to any special characteristics your watch may have. This device lets you modify the following specifications as appropriate via your computer: Number of rotations per day, Direction of rotation. Dimensions:
W110mm D110mm H110mm