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Girih Cabinet

Girih Cabinet

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The Girih Cabinet explores Islamic pattern through detailed wooden marquetry in brilliant sapphire blue and rich gold tones. The chest is cradled by a metal base crafted with a brushed brass finish with a glass eglomisé panel at the base.

At the centre of the design lies an eight-pointed star, taken from a beautiful mosaic tile pattern that caught the eye of LINLEY Founder and Chairman David Linley on a visit to Doha.

Adorning all façades of the chest, the pattern is created using a specially dyed deep blue ripple sycamore, sycamore and satinwood, which gradually turns from gold to grey to blue in a quasi-crystalline pattern, breaking up as it transitions from the base to the top of the chest.

Designed to hold drinks and precious objects, the inside of the chest is softer but no less striking, at the back of the cabinet’s interior is a mirrored glass surface which gives the appearance of infinite distance.

In most cases, please allow up to 14 - 16 weeks for UK delivery. Upon order a LINLEY representative will be in touch to help meet your delivery requirements.

W670mm D430mm H1750mm