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Greenwich Pocket Globe

Greenwich Pocket Globe

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Hand-crafted by the Little Globe Co in South East London, these pocket globes are at a scale of 1:170 million, measuring just 75mm in diameter. The mountain heights have been exaggerated to show the relief detail, but all ranges are located exactly. Islands and coastlines are carefully scribed, and the porcelain globe has been hand-painted with metal oxides and fired to excess of 1200 degrees Celsius, making the colour permanent.

The globe nestles in a solid walnut case which is lined with hand-painted celestial star charts of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The case is finished off with a stunning hallmarked sterling silver plaque set into the lid, ready for engraving. Each globe comes with a numbered, signed certificate and exists as a limited run of 50 which will never be replenished. Dimensions:
W100 D100 H100mm