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LINLEY Classic Games Table

LINLEY Classic Games Table
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An elegant and classical games table in walnut, equipped for chess, cards, backgammon, dominoes and bridge.
The table is made from walnut with inlays of Macassar ebony, and aluminium and ebony stringings. The top features a reversible chess board / card table (whose surface is line with green baize), which conceals a backgammon board.
Drawers underneath the table hold a chess set, backgammon stones, two dice shakers, doubling die, four precision die, two sets of playing cards, a domino set, backgammon and bridge score pads and LINLEY pencils

In most cases, please allow up to 8-12 weeks for UK delivery. Upon order a LINLEY representative will be in touch to help meet your delivery requirements.

W900 D900 H760mm