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Odyssey Desk - Blue

Odyssey Desk - Blue
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The stunning Odyssey Desk is created in elegant hand dyed blue eucalyptus and grey pama finished with bespoke bronze handles wrapped in navy leather and a navy leather writing surface. Rather than placed against a wall, the desk is designed to stand in the middle of a room and be admired from the back, with a sweeping curved top and pedestals which draw the eye in.

LINLEY has gained a reputation for fusing innovative design with superlative craftsmanship, often including complicated mechanical touches such as secret drawers and compartments in its designs.

Within the curved pedestal of the Odyssey Desk, is a hidden compartment which is opened by a secret button on the other side of the desk, accessible only by the person sitting at it. This is one of three compartments concealed within the cabinetry.

In most cases, please allow up to 12-16 weeks for UK delivery. Upon order a LINLEY representative will be in touch to help meet your delivery requirements.
H755 D1000 W1900mm