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Tectonic Bar

Tectonic Bar

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Exquisitely crafted in ebonised walnut with white gold leaf and nickel accents, the Tectonic Bar embodies superlative quality and innovative design whilst epitomizing the intricacy and precision of fine craftsmanship at its best.

Moving away from the use of tropical hardwoods and looking instead to trees grown in British soil, the timbers employed in the creation of this piece are all indigenous to Great Britain.

The walnut skin of the Bar appears to split as if tectonic plates beneath the Earth have broken it apart to reveal the glowing metallic core within. Cracks in the surface revealing metallic rivets, form the outlines of the continents of the World in a conceptual and abstract manner.

A secret button is employed to unlock the Bar cabinet enabling the doors to open, setting a mechanism in motion to rotate the Bar columns, revealing specialist LINLEY cocktail accessories; everything you need to create a bespoke cocktail of choice.

Lined with gold leaf, the interior shimmers with an exquisite glow that seems to burst from within. In true LINLEY style, there are other secrets hidden inside, including a fridge and, buried in the depths of the Bar, a cigar humidor which rises up as if from the centre of the molten Earth.

Bursting with secret compartments, defined by precision engineering and standing out from the crowd with an intriguingly striking aesthetic, the bar is ideal for storing precious spirits, luxurious liqueurs, vintage champagne and for whipping up the perfect Gin and tec-tonic!

In most cases, please allow up to 16-20 weeks for UK delivery. Upon order a LINLEY representative will be in touch to help meet your delivery requirements.
W1090 D585 H1810mm