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Paris Skyline Box

Paris Skyline Box

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At LINLEY, the architecture of the world’s greatest cities has provided constant inspiration, translating iconic skylines together by piecing together individually hand-dyed veneers in the art of marquetry.
For 2017 we continue the tradition with a new addition to our Skyline box collection with the Paris Skyline Box.

Taking inspiration from travel posters and photographs, the Paris Skyline Box has been designed from the tourist’s perspective the box depicts the Arc De Triomphe, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre showcased in front of the French national flag.

Each Skyline box can be personalised with these beautifully crafted box inserts. You can choose between having a jewellery insert, a letter writing insert, a gentleman's valet insert and a plain insert
W370 D245 H135mm