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Trompe L'oeil Jewellery Box

Trompe L'oeil Jewellery Box
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This item can be engraved with the lettering of your choice.

A detailed marquetry design using hand-dyed sycamore, anigre, bolivar, tanganika and lustrous white mother of pearl veneer gives the illusion of jewellery hanging on the exterior of this elegant box.

Behind the doors is a chic interior with red leather drawers and hooks for necklaces. Lift the lid of the box to reveal a large mirror and another chamber for storing precious jewellery.

The Trompe L'oeil Jewellery Box is lockable, with the escutcheon cleverly disguised as a beautiful silver locket. It is finished in sumptuous high gloss with a large engravable sterling silver plaque. Dimensions:
W262mm x L286mm x H377mm