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Tesseract I - Shahriar Mazandi


Oil on canvas (2019). Shahriar Mazandi b.1964 Shahriar Mazandi is a British Persian painter and photographer, he is b... Read more


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Oil on canvas (2019).

Shahriar Mazandi b.1964

Shahriar Mazandi is a British Persian painter and photographer, he is based in England, his painting studio is in East Sussex. He studied at Otis Art Institute, Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles and Brighton College of Art & Design. He also holds a BA in Communication from Pepperdine University. Shahriar was the winner of the Yates Thomson Prize for arts two years in a row 1981 and 1982. His works are displayed in private collections in the UK and USA.

The Cityscapes

Those that merge to a pinpoint represent convergence to an absolute centre - a fixed point of reference, comparable to a founding of the world. As such, the pinpoint is an Axis Mundi - like a totem pole with connection to the realms above and below. The cityscapes, with luminous coloured edges explore time-space and the illusory nature of this realm. The rectangular forms can be interpreted as buildings or building blocks. These works are not representative of but hint at other-worldly cuboidal tesseracts. A tesseract is a four-dimensional analogue of a cube or ‘hypercube’ that cannot be properly rendered in our three-dimensional space, let alone on an ostensibly two-dimensional canvas. These ‘Tesseract cityscapes’ are interrupted by a representation of a road at their centre. The perception of how and in what direction this road runs is relative to the perception of the viewer. The road, of itself, is thus a ‘line in the sand’ - in either the vertical or horizontal. As such these paintings can be hung in the vertical or horizontal.

Dimensions:  W1320.8 x H 1625.6 mm



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