The Aquilo Chronometer

Meaning North in Latin and evoking the eponymous star, the name Aquilo celebrates the link between chronometry and astronomy, observation of the stars being at the foundation of both timekeeping and navigation. With its sophisticated astronomical movement encased in a cabinet of the utmost refinement, the Aquilo is thus designed to appeal to customers who value pedigree and lineage, handcrafted quality and peerless design.

The mechanism is housed in a case made from marine-grade stainless steel and offering an all-round view of the inner workings which can be admired in their entirety, from every angle, free from distortion thanks to a set of extra-white crystals. The elegant open-work dial magnifies the intricacies of the multi-complicated movement and replicates the same veneer found in the cabinet. Its counters feature numerals finely obtained through a bas-relief technique and the hands are steel-made, hand-finished with bluing technique.

The case is mounted on a set of gimbals, a distinctive trait of marine chronometers. They can either be blocked, or freed in order to let the clock keep an even keel with the surface of the Earth (a condition of its accuracy). Once unlocked, they’ll observation of the movement, although its sheer weight makes it a delicate operation. The timekeeper is hand-wound by a turnkey, inspired by a boat winch, which is stored within the piece.

Alessandro Quintavalle, Thomas Mercer’s Managing Director: “It is truly an honour to collaborate again with such a legendary British brand as LINLEY. Sharing the same pursuit of design excellence and superior craftsmanship, our joint efforts culminated in a unique piece of British heritage that is a testament to our respective disciplines. Horological Furniture is indeed the name that best endorses the superlative fusion of cabinet-making and marine-chronometry found in the Aquilo.”


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