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With a new season upon us, it is the perfect time to think about ways to improve our homes. If you have been participating in spring cleaning, now is the ideal time to spend some time thinking about refreshing and redecorating your home. It is important to create a space where you can unwind, relax and spend quality time with friends and family during the brighter days.

Find inspiration and tips for ways to brighten up and refresh your home this spring.


With the warmer season approaching it is a fantastic opportunity to bring in flowers and greenery into the household. Flowers are mood boosters and relieve stress, and the variety of colours, shapes and sizes will allow you to play around with different combinations that will complement the decor in your household. House your plants and flowers with LINLEY’s stunning range of vases


Accentuate your neutrals with a pop of colour. Adding colour accents can revitalise your spaces. If you are adventurous try colour blocking by contrasting two bold accent colours, if you want to introduce colour in a more subtle manner, accessories are a great way to start. Accentuate your space by including colourful accessories and placing them throughout the home as you please, you can find bright stationary, tech, glassware and cookware.


With vibrant colours coming back into the home, Deco furniture inspired by the early 20th century has had a big comeback. Colourful and bold interiors will add a playful touch to your home, LINLEY´s Deco Tub Chair is the perfect addition if you are looking for a unique statement for your room or study, the chair is crafted in Britain and upholstered in a range of vibrant, modern colours.


Geometry patterns can add dimension and depth into the home. There is a vast array of geometric patterns that can be incorporated and layered through furniture, accessories, tiles, floor work etc. Additionally, experiment with the arrangement and positioning of your furniture to create a space that creates balance and harmony. Our Helix collection creates a duality between traditional cabinet making techniques and modern design. The fusion is represented by the double helix motif, a stunning and intricate collection of pieces that will add character to your home.


Adding mirrors to a room is a great strategy to transform different spaces. Mirrors enhance, heighten and widen narrow spaces. Placed beside a window, mirrors can increase natural light coming into the home. Play around with mirrors and experiment with the different reflections. Position mirrors in a way that will reflect beautiful landscapes from the outside.


Our Interior Design team are based in our Belgravia head office and would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Always up for new challenges, we can provide everything a room might require including antiques and art and can source any item that’s not part of the LINLEY brand from our extensive network of craftsmen and supplies.

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