LINLEY’s fresh new look is a celebration of our London heritage and design legacy. A meeting of modern future and things of LINLEY past.From our logo, products and bold new colour, join us as we look further into the key elements that have culminated in a renewed look for LINLEY.  
    Portland stone is an exceptional building material from the Isle of Portland in Dorset. Used in many of Britain’s most iconic buildings including St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Bank of England this simple but elegant material inspired the new LINLEY identity both for its style and iconic Britishness.
    Constructed to commemorate Emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars, Trajan’s Column was completed in AD 113. The inscription at the columns’ base is perhaps one of the most famous examples of ‘capitalis monumentalis’, a typeface which was a key reference point for the new LINLEY Logotype.    
    The Autumn Winter Campaign shoot is where LINLEY’s new design elements were brought together with our exciting new creations. Shot on location in a London townhouse with striking period details. Luxury, functionality, wit and charm is at the heart of the latest LINLEY designs, from our leather-bound games compendium to the walnut dumbbell paperweight. We make things well.    
    The new LINLEY Belgravia showroom has been created in line with these principles, designed to be a space dedicated to celebrating artistry in all forms. With areas for exhibiting artists to a library area for design students to hone their craft.  


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