The LINLEY Deco Tub Chair 

  The Deco Tub Chair that has been influenced by the 1920's Art Deco movement was originally launched by LINLEY back in 2001 and is now considered to be one of LINLEY’s best-selling upholstery pieces.  

Wild Flower Velvet LINLEY Deco Tub Chairs 

  In celebration of its success, LINLEY have now launched the Deco Tub Chair in four new fabrics: Magenta Wool, Oatmeal Linen, Dark Purple Velvet and Wild Flower Velvet.   Exploring bright block colour and a variety of fabrics for three of the pieces, LINLEY have introduced the Deco Tub Chair with a multi-coloured digital printed velvet known as Wild Flower.   The print was beautifully produced by designer fabric company Romo as part of their award winning Black Edition collection. Within the collection is  'Desire', a selection of digitally printed linens, velvets and wall coverings designed by contemporary impressionist painter Jessica Zoob.   Jessica Zoob

  Photo Credit: Shirlie Kemp 


The artist who has exhibited her work at various galleries in London chats exclusively with LINLEY about her vibrant background and designing the print.

  Tell us a little bit about your professional background? I actually trained originally as a theatre designer at Central and Nottingham University. It was an absolute passion for me but became impossible to juggle with motherhood. I then spent time in fashion, corporate and interior design but in 2000 I made a millennium resolution to paint full time and haven’t looked back. It really feels that this is what I am meant to be doing!   How long have you been painting for? All my life but full time since January 2000. I get so much joy from the process and I am always striving to create and reflect beauty and to lift people’s spirits.   What inspired you to explore this type of print? I was approached by Romo a couple of years ago after they had seen an exhibition of mine.  I have absolutely loved working with them and I am thrilled with how closely and beautifully they have reproduced the colours of my oil paintings into different media. It is so thrilling to now see this piece incorporated into this stunning LINLEY Deco Tub Chair.   Wild Flower Deco Chair

 LINLEY Deco Tub Chair in Wild Flower Velvet 

  Do you know anything about the process used to create this? I just paint the paintings, Romo dealt with all the clever technical aspects of the design. Romo kindly gave us a quote about the print: ‘The design is digitally printed onto the velvet using the latest digital printing technology and the velvet takes the colour in a fantastically rich way.’   Finally, what was your inspiration for the Wild Flower design used on the LINLEY Deco Tub Chair? This was taken from a section of my original painting called Breath, it was all about the importance of taking time to do just that and live in the moment. I also wanted to evoke the feeling of a wild flower meadow. I love working with oils as they echo so beautifully the colours of nature and I hope that these textiles will prove timeless for that reason.   Breathe Wordpress

'Breath' by Jessica Zoob


The newly refreshed Deco Tub Chairs can be ordered in a variety of fabrics and are available to buy online. See the full collection here.



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