What is Masterpiece London?

Masterpiece London is the leading international fair for art, antiques and design with museum-quality work from over 150 galleries. Running from 25th June to 1st July, it has become one of London's most popular events for keen collectors, giving them the opportunity to buy unique pieces and enthusiasts the chance to revel in the them.


This year at Masterpiece London, LINLEY exhibited LIGHTSCAPE. Over the years LINLEY have perfected the art of creating scaled models of architectural buildings. With LIGHTSCAPE, LINLEY presents a new interpretation of modern architecture, transforming the everyday landscape into pieces of extraordinary furniture for the home. The three pieces within the collection comprise of:

  Sunrise: The Gentleman's vanity Cabinet - Discover more here.   Noon: The City Bureau - Discover more here.   Dusk: The Cocktail Console - Discover more here.   Lightscape

 LINLEY LIGHTSCAPE - An exploration, through furniture, of light in the city.


Masterpiece London Highlights  

We asked the team to pick their favourite paintings, sculptures or jewellery pieces from across the fair and here we present the highlights of Masterpiece London 2015.

The Atlas Gallery

Photography is becoming an increasingly popular form of art. Something that people now choose to display in their home, making them a central element in their contemporary interiors. Atlas Gallery, the only photograph based gallery exhibiting at Masterpiece had a wonderful selection of photography displayed including this one.


Atlas Gallery

 The Photojournalist portrait of Dennis Stock, Andreas Feininger, 1951

William Weston Gallery 

The William Weston Gallery specialises in modern and contemporary master prints and it was the work of artist Victor Vasarely who we were drawn to. Widely regarded as the father of Op-Art,  it was during the 60’s and 70’s that his optical images became part of the popular culture. We particularly liked this piece, although it was sold early on in the show, it was still one that deserved to be shared.


Victor Vasarely

 Optique Bleu,Victor Vasarely, c.1970 


One of the reason for interest in Vasarely? It was Victor's work that inspired LINLEY to create the Vortex Credenza cabinet. Launched in 2008, the ingenious cabinet that plays with geometry has a traditional rectangular shape but the overall look is distorted by op art rosewood and sycamore veneering.


Vortex Credenza 1

Gordon Watson

Gordon Watson had an array of fine 20th century furniture. For us, at this stand it was a piece of furniture. Following the important interior design rule that a sofa should never be put against a wall, the concept of the sofa console table was created, something that LINLEY also make as part of the furniture collections. This French made Console by Guy Lefevre is a beautiful example of how this rule can be beautifully applied to the home.


Gordon Watson

Console, Guy Lefevre, 1965

Crane Kalman Gallery 

In line with the current ‘EY Exhibition’ by Sonia Delaunay taking place at the Tate Modern, it probably wasn’t a coincidence that her work was represented by many exhibitors at the fair. One of the most striking pieces presented by Crane Kalman Gallery was the hand woven tapestry known as Diagonale. Standing at almost 2 metres high, it was the centre point of the stand and very much admired, so it wasn't surprising that when we returned to the stand, it had already been sold.


Sonia Delaunay 2

Diagonale, Sonia Delaunay c. 1971

Robertaebasta Gallery 

It was the work of Gio Ponti that stood out at Italian gallery Robertaebasta. Gio Ponti was one of the most important Italian architects, industrial designers, furniture designers, artists, and publishers of the twentieth century. With fingers in so many pots, it’s natural that he would have created some extraordinary pieces. Having the furniture industry in common, it made sense to pay some attention to this part of his work and Ponti’s most famous work in the field was his chairs.  Our pick? The iconic monochrome chair known as ‘Superleggera’ .


Gio Ponti

Supperleggara, Gio Ponti, 1952 

Adrian Sassoon

We lusted over the Adrian Sassoon stand at last year’s Masterpiece, so we were confident they wouldn’t fail to deliver this year. Selling both antiques and contemporary art, it was once again the work of British Born Felicity Aylieff that caught our eye.  Standing at 1.6 metres, creating porcelain of this size requires a three man team who work simultaneously on either side of the same wheel providing each other with support and stability.  The skill needed to make ceramics of this magnitude astounds us. Les Fleurs d’Or is one was one of the favourites.


Adrian Sassoon FA

Les Fleurs d’Or, Felicity Aylieff, 2012

The Fine Art Society

Extremely well placed at Masterpiece this year, it was hard to miss the pieces displayed by The Fine Art Society. Championing the work of living artists, the contemporary gallery was established in 2005. The piece of choice was the colourful and fun Paint Pigment Photographs by husband and wife duo Rob and Nick Carter.


The Art Society

 Paint Pigment Series, Rob and Nick Carter, 2012 



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