The Masterpiece Fair 2015

  This year, LINLEY will once again be exhibiting at the Masterpiece Fair. The must-see fair which takes place annually at the Royal Hospital Chelsea has become the leading international event for design, art and antiques.   The 2015 LINLEY collection launching this year is called ‘LIGHTSCAPE’. Created to explore the celebration of light and the impression it creates on architecture, 'LIGHTSCAPE' comprises of interpretations of modern architecture and the way it shifts and transforms in the changing day of light, therefore it isn’t a surprise that the three pieces are individually known as ‘Sunrise’, ‘Noon’ and ‘Dusk’.   One of the most crucial parts of the preparation in the lead up to masterpiece, apart from designing the masterpieces of course, is the design of the stand where the three pieces of extraordinary furniture will be housed. This includes putting great thought in to the flooring, lighting and wallpaper. All of which assist in ensuring the stand ‘Stands’ out.  

Materpiece 2014

 The LINLEY Masterpiece Stand 2014 also featured de Gournay wallpaper

De Gournay: LINLEY’S choice
Last year, it was bespoke hand painted British wall paper company de Gournay who were commissioned to ornament the LINLEY Masterpiece Stand and following such a successful collaboration the two brands are coming together once more to create something truly unique.  
The Wallpaper Brief
Being a pivotal part of the stand, the LINLEY Design Team were keen for something to be produced that would generate drama to help accentuate the pieces as well as reflect the skylines depicted in ‘LIGHTSCAPE’.   To begin the process, de Gournay proposed various examples to help with visualisation.   dg Inspiration - Proposal

 A mood board reflecting de Gournays original proposal

  Based on this, and in an attempt to complement the exterior design of the pieces, it was decided that an abstract sky would act as the best backdrop. To make it even more challenging and to increase the dramatical effect required, the wallpaper was extended over the dropped ceiling, creating a plafond of clouds.  

The Interview 

Interested to learn more from de Gournay about the behind the scenes procedures Jemma, Head of Design at de Gournay, agreed to answer a few questions to give us an insight into the process.
  Have you ever had a similar request to this in the past?   The concepts vary considerably from project to project and the LINLEY collaboration is a one off, this is the first time de Gournay has been asked to produce a hand gilded wallcovering which grades in colour and that spans from floor onto ceiling covering a 10m area.     How easy or difficult was it to materialise the original brief?    A lot of time, effort and energy goes into producing new effects for the first time. There are always unforeseen challenges creating special finishes by hand and this was the case with the LINLEY paper. The making process was complex. However it was easy working with LINLEY and understanding the effect they wanted to convey, we were all on the same page from the outset.     The main feature wall has a gradient effect, what material was used to create this?    The background to the clouds pattern, uses 12 carat white gold leaf, laid by hand over a smooth paper surface which is burnished.  We tested many different ways to grade the colour, developing a method which maintains the natural character of the metal leaf rather than masking or obscuring it. The clouds are painted by hand using pearlescent pigments.     And, how was the depth produced in the wallpaper to create this dramatic 3D cloud effect? Texture and depth is created through building up layers of  metal leaf combined with layers of  glazes and pigments over the surface. Also the  new technique of  grading the gold background conveys  a sense of depth along the horizon line.     In total, how long did the whole process take from inception to completion?   Everything ran very smoothly taking around 10 weeks from start to finish.    

LINLEY Masterpiece Stand 2015

 de Gournay copper clouds on graded 12 Carat white gold glided paper

    Masterpiece previews today and will be open to the public from tomorrow to Wednesday 1st July. To see the de Gournay wallpaper, you can visit the LINLEY stand at A32 or follow us on Twitter for live updates @LINLEYLondon.  


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