‘LIGHTSCAPE’ is a celebration of light and the impression it creates on architecture, shifting and transforming the façades with the everchanging reflections.    

Design, craftsmanship and innovation have been central to the LINLEY ethos for thirty years and, with the collection ‘LIGHTSCAPE’, continue to create pieces of extraordinary furniture that are not only functional but also serve as objects of art. When opened, each piece metamorphoses, revealing surprising internal storage and creating unexpected asymmetrical silhouettes.

  Over the years LINLEY have perfected the art of creating scaled models of architectural buildings, producing replicas of famous public buildings like The Royal Albert Hall, the Daily Express Building and St Pancras Station. With 'LIGHTSCAPE', LINLEY present a new interpretation of modern architecture, transforming the everyday landscape into pieces of extraordinary furniture for the home.     SUNRISE - The Gentleman's Vanity Cabinet Depicting a building in early morning light, SUNRISE, The Gentleman’s Vanity Cabinet with its simple steel and glass structure bathed in a bright orange glow, shimmers as the city comes to life.  

Lightscape Sunrise - The Gentlemans Vanity Cabinet Open

    NOON - The City Bureau NOON, The City Bureau, is a sophisticated solution to working at home. Reflecting the shifted angle of the sun, the building is cast in shadow; calm backdrop to the energy flowing in the streets below.  

Lightscape Noon - The City Bureau Open

    DUSK - The Cocktail Console ‘LIGHTSCAPE’ is completed by DUSK, The Cocktail Console that depicts a city building at night. The sun has set and the building is now transformed by light emanating from within.  

Lightscape Dusk - The Cocktail Console Open

    LIGHTSCAPE An exploration, through furniture, of light in the city and how it transforms architecture.  




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