''Girih is an Islamic decorative art form consisting of geometric lines that create an interlaced framework.'' 

    Inspired by a 2015 trip by David Linley to Doha, Qatar and launching in celebration of  London Craft Week 2016 is the Girih Collection. At the heart of the collection lies the stunning Girih Treasure Chest, the design of which is centred around an eight-pointed star, taken from a beautiful mosaic tile pattern.   The Girih Treasure Chest   The Girih Collection also includes beautifully scented candles, a stacking trinket box, leather keyrings and colourful crystalware.    
ebury-tassel-keyring Girih Candle Set ebury-tassel-keyring
Girih-tumbler-topaz Girih Trinket Box girih-tumbler-aquamarine
Girih-decanter-aquamarine Girih-decanter-topaz
    The final piece that completes the collection is the Girih Rug, the bespoke rug is LINLEY's first step into rug design.  

Girih Rug

  Discover The Girih Collection here.  


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