For London Design Festival the newly refurbished flagship showroom will also hold an exhibition of six-metre high, stacked porcelain pots by renowned British artist Felicity Aylieff. These monumental sculptures have been created in Jingdezhen, the ancient home of Chinese porcelain production. The rich cultural heritage there inspired Felicity’s work and encouraged her to draw on and reinterpret traditional Chinese techniques of porcelain production and decoration, with the surfaces of the pots exploring contemporary translations of traditionally used techniques. The factories have also provided her with an opportunity to explore ideas of scale, leading to the creation of the immense, sculptural vases – totems of expression.  
    Felicity Aylieff is one of the UK’s most innovative artists working in clay today. Her work provokes an instant sense of awe in the viewer, both through its monumental scale and the expressive, yet considered handling of surface decoration. There is innate dynamism and grandeur in the monumental vessels, which simultaneously surprise and thrill as you stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Deeply rooted within a context of traditional Chinese ceramic-making, yet immediately contemporary, the work can be found in some of the UK’s most prestigious public collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Museums of Wales and Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.    
  Felicity has been working from her studio in Bath for more than three decades and before that taught David Linley ceramics when he attended Bedales School. For the past nine years, Felicity has divided her time, living and working between East and West. When in London, she is a head of the ceramics and glass programme at the Royal College of Art, but it is in Jingdezhen, China where she is able to practice her craft.    
  ‘Explorations in Blue’ is at LINLEY from 13th September – 29th October.          


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