LINLEY launches a creative initiative collaborating with a select number of highly talented modern British-based designers and artists, specialising in different disciplines. The aim will be to work together to create pieces which will push the boundaries of traditional cabinet-making and grasp the unexpected. LINLEY will be unveiling the first of these collaborative ventures with two very different individuals conceptual designer and artist Rolf Sachs and new talent Alex Hull. Over the years, LINLEY has developed an international reputation for creating furniture and accessories that represent British craftsmanship at its very best, the ethos of LINLEY being to fuse contemporary design with exquisite cabinet-making. In working with these two guest designers, LINLEY embraces the design world and the importance of breaking new ground, applying the discipline of traditional cabinet-making to innovative and original design thinking.   David Linley and Rolf Sachs have worked together to create an experimental sculptural collection fusing LINLEY craftsmanship and expertise with Rolf's distinctive approach to design. The project explores the raw essence of cabinetmaking in an unconventional and surprising way, resulting in pieces which emphasise the beauty of natural materials and the skill of the craftsman. At the same time, the pieces are designed to intrigue, amuse and play with perception.   Sachs will present a library constructed from his elegant and versatile Q-UBES COLLECTION. Taking inspiration from building blocks, the individual elements can be curated in a personal and free manner, with seemingly infinite configurations. The second piece, the stacked desk takes its inspiration from the aesthetics of storing and drying freshly cut timber. Constructed from layered panels of beautiful, almost untreated solid wood, the design features no nails or screws.




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