In celebration of architecture and some of the world's greatest cityscapes, we are launching the 'All Around the World' Skyline Boxes. The Humidor and Jewellery box depict four famous skylines from around the world.    




    Silhouetted against a dramatic sky and reflected in the inky waters of the Persian Gulf, Dubai’s most famous sky-scrapers have been translated into marquetry for this stunning box. The grey eucalyptus buildings rise like shards splintering into the pink sycamore sky, among them The Marina Torch, Princess Tower and the talest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, as well as the distinctive shape of the Burj Al Arab Hotel standing proudly on the beachfront. Mother of pearl, inlaid into the wooden marquetry design, is used to highlight the structures as they catch the last sunlight of the day.   Dubai Image Blog  


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