LINLEY started creating bespoke pieces of furniture 30 years ago. Over the years, private commissions have ranged from individual pieces such as dining tables and jewellery boxes to entire interior design projects, whether the project is big or small, the process is the same. Learn more about the commissioning process here. In order to understand what happens once the design leaves LINLEY, we visited one of the workshops and followed a craftsman while he put together a multi games table.    

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The unique feature of this table was its ability to be folded away and stored, so not to consume too much space on the yacht where it was made for. The first step was to build the folding frame. Next, the craftsman carefully measures the top of the frame, then using a chisel and a saw, he creates rebates, allowing the leather straps to sit in the frame flush. The straps were selected to match the colour scheme of the playing surfaces. These not only support the folding mechanism but also help to keep the table upright. While table top features a backgammon set, the removable board features a baize playing surface on one side and chess board on the reverse. This recess lid locates on a step detail on the edge of the table.

    Workshop Multi Games Table 1   Multi Games Table 2   Workshop Multi Games Table 3  

The final result is a beautifully crafted games table. You can learn more about this project here.


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