February 27th 2014 sees the start of a fascinating interactive exhibition in the LINLEY flagship store on Pimlico Road, curated by David Linley and Scott Simpson. The idea for the exhibition grew from David's desire to encourage an appreciation of 'making', not only in terms of traditional craftsmen but also the modern day innovators and engineers who are artists and craftsmen in their own right. The carefully selected brands forming the exhibition are all renowned for the design and creation of fine objects and have been brought together under one roof in a celebration of British craftsmanship, design, engineering and innovation.  


  Providing a captivating insight into the traditions and values of the selected brands, from motorbike makers and cufflink designers to bespoke milliners and spectacle specialists, the exhibition aims to unlock the creation process, and in doing so celebrates the unquantifiable amount of skill and attention to detail involved in creating each and every piece; whether it be an intricate dial on a customised Bamford Watch Department watch or the tiny pistons on a Hornby train. Visitors will be encouraged to interact with the artisans from many of the different disciplines in order to experience first-hand the unique skills and attributes which have made them the best of their kind. From a Barnard and Westwood printing press to a LINLEY marquetry expert, the eclectic display demonstrates the unrivalled breadth and depth of skills of the British innovators, designers, craftsmen and engineers behind each and every piece.   A curious fascination about the way things work, combined with a keen eye for detail, motivated David Linley to not only create the very finest pieces of furniture possible but to encourage the appreciation of exemplary craftsmanship in others. It is important to realise that luxury is not just about the end cost but about the spirit and the skill of the creator, combined with the very finest quality that gives it character and soul. Mass manufacturing cannot achieve the feeling of the soft leather from a pair of custom-made Lobb shoes moulded expertly to your feet, the perfect fit of a custom-made Lock hat or the minute accuracy of the engraving on a Purdey gun which leaves it perfectly balanced; it does not allow for the hours of research and engineering that go into making a Bremont watch withstand the force of an ejector seat, nor the extraordinary expertise required to fine-tune a McLaren engine.   The exhibition has kindly been sponsored by Nyetimber, the maker of the finest English sparkling wine. They are the perfect partner with LINLEY for this celebratory exhibition due to the fact that their winemaking team is among the most proficient in the world and, like all other brands exhibiting, everything they do is done in the passionate pursuit of the very best quality possible.   The exhibition brings together one company with a three hundred year history with another with less than two years, demonstrating that craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection are as alive today as they ever were. BVS Handbags, Hardy Fishing and Globe Trotter luggage hold their own alongside a Rolls Royce Aerospace engine and a JCB digger; a clear indication that from the initial concept to the finished object, from hand-making to high-tech machinery, uniqueness is inherent to each and every item in the exhibition.    











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  Featured Brands: LINLEY McLaren Automotive JCB Gladstone Motorcycles Hornby Rolls Royce Aerospace Purdey Lock & Co John Lobb Bespoke Globe Trotter C.W Dixey BVS Bespoke Bremont Watches Bamford Watch Department Barnard & Westwood Printers Hardy Fishing Nyetimber Deakin & Francis Palawan Press   The exhibition will continue to run until 14th March. LINLEY Belgravia, 60 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8LP  


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