Following the sad demise of Dame Zaha Hadid last week, we wanted to dedicate a post to her and all her amazing achievements.   Born in Baghdad in 1950, Zaha went on study maths at the American University of Beirut. She continued her academic career in London at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Opening her own practice in 1980, her achievements included being the first woman and Muslim to receive a Pritzker Prize in architecture in 2004 and a Stirling prize in 2010 and 2011.   Best known for her modern and futuristic approach, she will always be admired for taking architecture to the next level through her creative and innovative designs. To show our appreciation, today we play homage to this architectural design genius by looking at 5 of her most extraordinary, exciting and inspirational international design projects.  

Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion


This Bridge that spans the River Ebro was constructed for the Expo 2008 and attracted millions of people to Zaragoza, Spain. Another futuristic design that demonstrated Hadid’s innovative flair, the bridge pavilion is much more than just a pedestrian walkway as it was used as an interactive exhibition space exploring Water and Sustainable Development.


MAXXI: Italian Museum of 21st Century Arts

  MAXXI Italian Museum of 21st Century Arts  

Taking 10 years to complete and far from conventional, the magnificent design was a result of an international design competition that won Zaha the Royal Institute of British Architect’s (RIBA) 2010 Stirling Prize for architecture.


Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre


Heydar-Aliyev-cultural-centre   Winner of the London Design Museum Award 2014, the centre that is both curvaceous and fluid in design is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. A move away from rigid architectural designs, Heydar Aliyev cultural centre is a reflection of the future playing an important role in the redevelopment of Baku.


Guangzhou Opera House


Guangzhou-Opera-House   Known as ‘Double Pebble’, the radical building sits perfectly within its riverside location on the bank of the Pearl River. The design advanced from a natural landscape concept and has been inspired by the way river valleys are transformed by erosion.


Dongdaemun Design Plaza




Comprising of 45,000 aluminium panels, DDP echoes innovative design trends represented through neo-futurism.  Centrally located in Seoul, South Korea, the plaza is a landmark created to act as a cultural hub for technology, design and art.


Learn more about the work by Zaha Hadid here.

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