Marisa Daly   London-based freelance stylist Marisa Daly started her career at the London Design Festival, before going on to assist interior stylists on advertising and editorial shoots. After joining Homes & Gardens magazine, spending 4 years styling fabrics, decorating shoots and compiling monthly shopping trend pages, Marisa won the title for Crown Interior Stylist of the Year ‘Newcomer’. Marisa has been freelancing since 2011 and has subsequently worked with a number of clients including Homes & Antiques Magazine, Graham & Green, Garden Trading, Brissi & Burleigh Pottery.   Based on her impeccable reputation, LINLEY  chose to work with Marisa on the lifestyle shoot of the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection due to launch this month. The shoot took place at the Claridge's Art Deco suite designed by LINLEY in 2007.   Green Suite   Taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, we spent some time quizzing Marisa whilst on shoot and here is what she had to say...   How did you know you wanted to be an interior stylist? I studied History of Art but I was always particularly drawn to textiles, colour, interiors and the arrangement of space. I spent a few weeks one summer working in the Decorating Department at Homes & Gardens Magazine and I was hooked! I loved the fast pace, the creativity and the research aspect of finding the right fabrics and props etc. Everyone from the suppliers and designers, set-builders, location agencies, seamstresses, photographers and couriers are all a pleasure to deal with - I think it’s a happy, vibrant and exciting industry to be part of.   Everyone has their own style, how would you describe yours? I know I’m definitely not a minimalist! I love patterned wallpapers, textured fabrics, bright colour and vintage furniture and accessories. So I think my style is best described as modern vintage. I love the thrill of the hunt for antique furniture and accessories and mixing it up with contemporary fabric and wallpapers. Despite this my home is very organised and clutter-free - so much of my life is spent surrounded by half-packed boxes on shoots that I need calm and order at home to stay sane.   H & G How does travel inspire your style and what is your favourite travel destination? My most recent trip was to Morocco and it proved to be a real eye-opener for me in terms of interiors. The use of rich pattern and colour in their interiors is so refreshing to my English eyes. I came home with deep green Tamegroute pottery and Moroccan Berber rugs. The handmade aspect of these items brings beautiful texture and exotic pattern to my home and inspires me to use those added layers of interest when working on interiors shoots. My favourite travel destination has to be India - I love block-printed textiles. MD Morocco You’ve built up quite a portfolio, how has your experience influenced your styling? The more experience I’ve had the broader my knowledge of suppliers and interiors companies becomes. This means that I strive to use companies that supply products that are a little different - whether that’s a designer who makes porcelain tea labels, a vintage dealer specialising in clocks or a company importing South African handicrafts - it makes the job more interesting and results in shoots that hopefully have added depth. When you begin on a new project, where does your inspiration come from? It can come from something very simple - a fabric lampshade with an unexpected colour palette, a furniture design with a strong silhouette or an interesting woven textile…I usually work out a colour palette for the shoot and that acts as the foundation and sets the mood and the rest slots around that framework. And what challenges do you face? My biggest challenges are time management, staying organised and problem solving. Putting a shoot together requires me to juggle lots of balls at once and this job has taught me to stay calm when things get stressful - e.g. posted items getting delayed in customs, working against the clock when the light goes so early in winter or finding out the perfect sofa for my shoot is out of stock!   Marissa   What have you enjoyed most about working on this LINLEY project? It’s a real honour to work with such impressive products. The coloured marquetry on the jewellery boxes and the cut-crystal glassware photograph beautifully so creating images to celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship has been very rewarding. Plus arriving at Claridge's through the Goods Entrance and witnessing breakfast being prepared in the kitchens was a fun sneak-peek into the inner workings of a London institution.   LINLEY Crystalware   What is your favourite LINLEY piece (Home Accessory or Furniture) and why? I particularly love the new pastel hued pistachio green Henley jewellery box - it’s my favourite colour. The detail of different wood grains on its lid is subtle and beautiful whilst the colour is fresh and vibrant. A modern classic.   Henley Box Pistachio Green   To see LINLEY’s brand new SS15 collection, please visit here.  


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