The Making of a LINLEY Globe


As part of our All Around The World Collection, we have been launching a new set of accessories, this includes the Skyline Boxes and the unique Standing Globe. Crafted by expert globemakers Bellerby & Co, the globes are made and designed with exceptional attention to detail. We asked their team to share some insider information about the making process.

The cartography is designed in the Bellerby & Co studio in London. Each gore is printed and hand cut with precision, and the slightest miscalculation in one cut would mean the whole globe would need to be made over again.
Photography by Jade Fenster


Aiming for perfection, this means there is no room for gaps, overlaps or lines that don’t match up. The gores, whilst wet, are stretched onto the sphere. Paper can easily turn to mush and fall apart, so careful consideration is needed in order to avoid tearing or ripping it; it takes apprentices 6 months of practising day after day to create a globe of the highest quality.

Photography by Jade Fenster & Tom Bunning

The first layer of watercolours in the oceans is painted before they are applied to the sphere and then the globe gets another wash of watercolours once the gores have been laid. The land or ocean is shaded depending on the colour and style.
Photography by Jade Fenster

The final result is a beautifully crafted Blue Standing Globe.
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