The LINLEY Surfboard



The Fistral Surfboard sees LINLEY continue their foray into the exciting world of luxury outdoor pursuits, made exclusively for LINLEY by designer Emma Wood of Woodpop, the Fistral Surfboard is named after the iconic Cornish Beach and is fully functional. Featuring a unique hollow, skin and frame made out of sustainably sourced Paulownia timber with a 70’s inspired marquetry motif that catches the eye both in and out of the water.

As well as designing the Fistral Surfboard, LINLEY has worked with Emma to create the LINLEY Boomerang. We sat down with the young British designer to discover more about her journey into craftsmanship and inspiration behind her stunning, functional designs.

How did you become a maker?
“My artistic career has taken a few different turns before I discovered marquetry – I knew I wanted to work with wood in a way that would satisfy my love of colour and maybe slightly irreverent artistic aesthetic”

Your previous work had seen you working mostly with furniture and pieces of art, how did this develop into you creating your first surfboard?

I had been obsessing for about 2 years about applying marquetry to a surfboard.  I had only ever seen marquetry on surfboard-shaped slabs of timber – never on a surfboard that you could actually paddle out on!  So I started doing some investigation into whether it might be possible to apply marquetry to a fully-functioning wooden surfboard.  

I quickly came across several issues; the main one being that wooden surfboards are extremely expensive to make, and of course we had the problem that being a surfboard – their shape is made up of complex curves being both convex and concave at the same time which, as a surface, does not lend itself to marquetry.  But obsess I did, and on the back of a major residential commission in London’s East End – I decided to take the plunge and invest my time and money into various experiments and trials about how it could be done, being as there were no precedents!”


Paulownia timber

What other products would you like to give a Woodpop update?

“We like to push boundaries with every board that we make, hence we have now started inlaying metal into the boards as well and we are currently playing with the idea of designing a board with a gold leaf fin . . . !  Watch this space!” And from the surfboards, we have some spin-off pieces that we will be launching this Summer, marquetry bellyboards and hand planes.”

glassed-in fin