LINLEY Summer School 2017: Meet the Students

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A Passion for Tradition

As masters of craftsmanship, LINLEY are passionate about ensuring that traditional skills are passed down to the next generation of craftsmen and craftswomen. After the success of the first every LINLEY Summer School, LINLEY returns to Messums Wiltshire in August for a week of making & design education with 8 talented new students.

Meet the Students

Currently studying at institutions around the British Isles, the students were selected by their zeal for craftsmanship and eagerness to learn. Prior to the Summer School, we sat down with this year’s students to find out why they have a passion for craft and what drives them to pursue it as a career.

Hattie Speed

Why do you have an interest in craft?
Being creative and having something to focus my attention on is incredibly therapeutic for me and often very rewarding. So much of what we do in our modern lives is digital and not tangible, so I think reactionally I have always been drawn to practical activities and materials.  My great aunt, a keen potter and craftswoman, has been a prominent role model for me whilst growing up, and I like to think she has very much influenced me to pursue what I love.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Playful, Honest, Me

What is your favourite tool/material to work with and why?
I have worked predominantly with Ash, as it is somewhat of an undervalued material. I read the Robert Penn book The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees and have more of an appreciation for the heritage of the Ash tree.

Poppy Booth

Where did your passion for craft begin?
I am never happier than when I am in a workshop, being creative with my hands. My father is a furniture restorer of 40 years experience and I have watched the painstaking lengths he goes to achieve perfection. I dream of working with my hands with the ease and ability that he does.

Do you see yourself more as a designer or a maker?
Making comes more naturally to me, I love problem solving, meticulous work, process, a functional finished product, satisfied people and beautiful machines.
However, I also enjoy the challenge of finding a design solution to an existing problem.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Thoughtful, elegant, functional

What aspect of design/making would you most like to learn about?
All and as much as possible!

Diggory Rush

Where does your interest in design stem from?
I have always had an interest in craft from a young age, I went from borrowing my Dad’s Makita drill to make stools and guitar stands to a small secondary school where I learned basic wood carving. After this I began to design and make my own instruments and horn-loaded loudspeakers. I developed my skills from a young age in the luthiery business, but I love the freedom and variety furniture design allows. I love the creativity and the challenges it presents me with, as well as the diverse range of clients.

What you hope to gain from the LINLEY Summer School?
To put it simply, knowledge. I know that I have learnt a great deal in the past from just a short and simple conversation with a skilled craftsman in just a few minutes. I can’t wait to see what I will learn in a week.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Sharp, functional and elegant.

Ash Lim

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Sculptural, functional, conceptual.

What do you hope to get out from the LINLEY Summer School?
I am really looking forward to learning more techniques in wood and being taught by experts in their field.  I am also looking forward to meeting everyone involved, from the students to staff and seeing how a successful company in this industry operates.


Dylan Earle

What do you want to get from the LINLEY Summer School?
My desire is to learn as much as I can about the craft and to continue to improve my making skills with the help of the experienced makers at LINLEY. I hope to be able to share some of my ideas with them and to really just make the most of this opportunity. I have always been an admirer of marquetry and inlaying with wood, often due to the detailing on many guitars. I find it is a beautiful link between art and woodwork and I am excited to learn more and put it into practice.

What are your hopes and dreams regarding a life in design?
One of my two main goals in my career is to continue to improve my craft skills, particularly woodwork, to the best of my abilities. I also hope to always enjoy what I am doing. To never have my love for craft become dulled by a repetitive design process. It’s for this reason I have always been drawn to bespoke work due to the fact the work is constantly changing, with new designs and processes.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Colourful. Detailed. Individual

Tim Burns

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Simplistic, elegant and sculptured.

What is your favourite tool/material to work with and why?
My favourite tool to work with is a chisel. They are not my most accurate tool to work with but when I use them, the accuracy and precision you can obtain when good with them is incredible and is a true indication of top craftsmanship and skill as you need to have control and high concentration to obtain faultless results.

Where did your interest in craft come from?
Craft is a way I use to express myself. Being able to draw or make anything with no limit of the imagination is amazing and not possible in many other businesses or hobbies. Being able to be creative shows individuality which I feel is a showcase of the artist’s personality.

Daragh Keady

Where does your interest in craft stem from?
I feel that my interest stems from being allowed to have a creative childhood in and around trees and woodland as I grew up beside a local woodland/park. I have an interest in craft because I get great satisfaction through seeing a project from start to finish and being able to say it’s your own work. I feel that craft has one’s own personal influence on each piece and being able to express that is why I am interested in it.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Detail, Design, Quality

What are your hopes and dreams regarding a life in design?

I hope to create high quality gifts of classic west coast of Ireland images. I want to be able to design pieces that are different and unique while being able to make some that are well known to many. I dream that I will be designing products that have a prodigious class to them.

Lily Dean

How did your interest in craft begin?
I really love drawing and I feel craft is like being able to draw with materials and create a physical representation of your thoughts and ideas, It’s how I express myself. Craft has also always been something that I can do and really enjoy, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s how I express myself.

Where does this stem from?
I’ve always been making things from a young age using whatever I could find around the house and was very inspired by things that I saw in daily life. Luckily I’ve had access to art class rooms all my life as my mother teaches art, so I would spend hours creating different sculptures and pieces while she would teach.

Describe your own work in 3 words?
Diverse, expressive, innovative

What is your favourite tool/material to work with and why?
I’ve always loved wood work as it is such a natural looking material and can create such a range of beautiful outcomes. I enjoyed using a lathe to create sculptural shapes with wood as it allows such a unique and individual forms for every piece you create.