Extraordinary Furniture
Extraordinary Furniture

Discover LINLEY’S star pieces, making waves in craftsmanship & innovation, these pieces of bespoke furniture have been specially designed to showcase LINLEY's superlative expertise in design and the technique of marquetry, an art we are renowned for.

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  • Rifle Chair

    Rifle Chair

    Masterpiece London
  • Fulbeck Desk

    Fulbeck Desk

    Masterpiece London
  • Cassiopeia Screen

    Cassiopeia Screen

    Masterpiece London
  • The Cocktail Cabinet

    The Cocktail Cabinet

  • Vortex Cabinet

    Vortex Cabinet

    new in
  • Girih Treasure Chest

    Girih Treasure Chest

  • London Skyline Screen

    London Skyline Screen

  • The Odyssey Desk

    The Odyssey Desk

  • Silhouette Chair

    Silhouette Chair

  • Tectonic Bar

    Tectonic Bar