LINLEY Belgravia has been transformed into the world of ‘Girls in Pearls’ and stunning interiors in celebration of Country Life’s 120th anniversary.


Every week since 1897 Country Life has published photographs of outstanding houses old and new, sometimes shockingly so, chronicling the changing faces of these buildings and the history of interior design over the same period.


Showing In the Gallery in LINLEY Belgravia, Beautiful Rooms & Blushing Brides features portraits from their iconic Frontispiece as well as interiors photography.


Taken from their extensive archives, this stunning exhibition is an ode to British design and one of the most iconic pages in magazine publishing – the Frontispiece,  which has always graced the first page of editorial. Initially conceived to announce a young women’s introduction into society, the page has also featured men and members of the Royal Familyevolving to celebrate engagements, achievements and burgeoning careers in recent years.


The exhibition, which will run In the Gallery at LINLEY Belgravia from Thursday, April 6 to Saturday, June 17 at LINLEY Belgravia.